Monday, 30 June 2014

Ramadhan 2014

just doing fine since i broke up 6 month ago...currently im working in the phone shop...kinda good work i guess to improve soft skill cause im shit in it...and it is the first time i work during fasting sleepy n more nescafe during doing okay right now..and im enjoying single life though its kinda lonely...but i have dota...i dont need girld in my life..dota stand for dunia orang tanpa awek..suit me well...haha..thats all

-To Be Continued-
Dude_Rex/Kuroyuki Ichirou/Nazier Nazari

Monday, 3 March 2014


Today is her second day in her degree life which in uitm puncak alam...too far away from me...i dont even tet her before she leave me..i dont even see her or ask her to meet before she leave..even if she ask to meet me before depart,i wont see her...she didnt know i had a motorcycle condition is not too worst..only some wound at my waste,elbow and palm cause i fell only from motorcycle that was caused by skidding...i dont want her to meet me n see my wound because im afraid she might feel uncomfortable with my current condition....i really hope we separate without she even have to care bout my okay with tht :)..its better to let her see me as a useless boy and immediately find a strong :)

Dude_Rex/Kuroyuki Ichirou/Nazier Nazari

-To Be Continued-

Saturday, 18 January 2014

my fault

my relationship is kinda unstable now...its all because of me...i keep playing dota n rarely spent my time with her...maybe before when she told me she want to break up,im ok because i know she will be back to me at last..but now i know she wont be back...she left me only 2 days and im dying like crazy...before this i left her for 2 weeks without a single msg..and 1 week on mid term break..thats why she decided to leave me now...u know, u wont appreciate someone while she there for u...when she left,u will learn how much she meant to me..i guess its better if she leave n make me suffer like thiss...because she deserves not good enough to handle relationship...i really2 love her n never felt boring with her..but my time is so limited with her cause i keep playing those who have someone who appreciate u,treat him or her nice before she leave u or turned away...siti afifah farhanah,i really love u so much...thanks for everything....u give me everything n i give u really sorry..just leave me if u have found someone who can make u a better person..i keep saying this million happy for u if someone can treat u better than me..cause u deserve sorry for everything...

Dude_Rex/Kuroyuki Ichirou/Nazier Nazari

To be Continued..

suppose-secondhand serenade

Monday, 29 April 2013

Semester 4 break

finally, examination has sucha pain in my ass since i had to stay awake all night long to study since it is quieter when my housemates are sleeping..i hope i get a good result since i had put much effort into it...though some of the paper i cannot do well,i hope it might not let my pointer down...

currently, im working as a part time promoter at parkson...i dont want to waste my time cramping my butt sitting in front of the computer all day i decided to work..its not bad actually...u get paid though u goofing around with friend all day long....being at home is much fun..but the fun will last the longest of 3 days since u do not meet people...i dont know what to do this semester break....maybe, i ll help my mom move the goods and furniture to our new house...we are gonna moved to bukit beruntung..that house being bought by my parents since 2006...but we are not moving there because i have plenty of friend in selayang and it will be hard 4 me to get new friends that suit my semester,i decided to bring my keyboard to my lease house in jengka and practice...i have bought that keyboard a year ago...i just know a few song but i cant play it well since i have not practicing it frequently..

last saturday,najwa latif has performed several songs as to promote her album at selayang mall...i get a chance to see her in front of me bout metre in front of me...she is cute!!! i feel like falling in love...she's cute and quite shy..that is double her cuteness...hahaha...i dont like her at first..but when saw him in front of my eyes and when our eyes met( though she dont notice she look me) my heart melt like a chocolate..haha..damn..i hate this feeling...she is cute n talented..lucky 4 her 4 being really famous at the age of 18.. ut popularity isnt everything though everyone chase for me,famous 4 our talent is good but it might be inconvenient to the person because their privacy is reduced..i prefer a quiter life which everyone might not notice my existence...

about my romance,i reallty2 love my girlfriend..she understand me very well..though she some kind of annoying sometimes, i still love...she is hot-headed sometimes...make me easier to explode since i have really bad hot temper..but i dont want to make her cry so i try to be patient all the time when she mad...she make me a patience person..thanks to u i have reduced my hot temper prob..i love u...=)

thats all for now

Muhammad Nazier Bin Ahmad Nazari / Kuroyuki Ichirou / Dude_Rex

- To Be Continued-

Saturday, 22 September 2012

brass band

just finished 1 final exam course which is brass band III....i dont know why i love this band so much...when im with band mates,i will become someone else because im not used to their styles....but i love when we are unite and struggle together practicing for were the joy we had for this 3 semester....this semester i skipped brass band class for three times...before this i never skipped even once...i do not one to show high commitment because im afraid they would elect me as a commander...i started joining the band with zero knowledge about music (basicall i know how to play guitar but i do not know the theory)...i always focus when my teacher taught me..thats why i easier to learn music and play my instrument...when u have the interest,it will be easier to achieve what u want....after this there would be no there will be no brass band class for my batch.....our nostalgia shall never be faded from my memory...i will use my knowledge to help my juniors so that i can show my grateful to my teacher...thanks~

-To Be Continued-

Friday, 3 August 2012

My first post this year

haha...its been 8 month since i publish last post on my wall...imy life recently is kinda okay comparing previously....i've already fallen in love with a girl that give a care about my feelings,always be when i need her and most importantly she listen to me..=) i love her very much though its hard for me to show it since im busy with brass band and my tutorial(sorry syg)...i love her..though she was stupid cause cant decode what im trying to indicate through song that i played to her..bodo punya ayam...haha...i am happy to be with her...
currently,im learning keyboard...this is my new instrument model..hehehe....i guess thats all for now..till then..

Muhammad Nazier Bin Ahmad Nazari/ Dude_Rex/ Kuroyuki Ichirou

-To Be Continued-

Monday, 26 December 2011

Windy December

i love the breeze on the sunny remind me of the one i love...during our first met...she visited my house because there was a wedding on that kinda bz n there was a lot of ppl i never met,including her...they are my relatives which i havent met yet...that time,we try to get know each other since we are relative....suddenly,i realize i have a feeling toward her...=.=" then after the wedding ended,her family went home....i woke up the next day after the wedding,i felt the was like a sorrow wind that embraced me.....
ahhh....pape pon.,i love windy day~it make me calm whenever i feel depressed...
if i die,if i can choose what i want to be after i die(surely i cant choose),i wanna be i cant embraced my love so that she will feel calm and feel the presence of me..
Muhammad Nazier Bin Ahmad Nazari/ Dude_Rex/ Kuroyuki Ichirou

-To Be Continued-