Monday, 26 December 2011

Windy December

i love the breeze on the sunny remind me of the one i love...during our first met...she visited my house because there was a wedding on that kinda bz n there was a lot of ppl i never met,including her...they are my relatives which i havent met yet...that time,we try to get know each other since we are relative....suddenly,i realize i have a feeling toward her...=.=" then after the wedding ended,her family went home....i woke up the next day after the wedding,i felt the was like a sorrow wind that embraced me.....
ahhh....pape pon.,i love windy day~it make me calm whenever i feel depressed...
if i die,if i can choose what i want to be after i die(surely i cant choose),i wanna be i cant embraced my love so that she will feel calm and feel the presence of me..
Muhammad Nazier Bin Ahmad Nazari/ Dude_Rex/ Kuroyuki Ichirou

-To Be Continued-

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Bad Bat

kelmarin sblm aku g klz pagi,ak nampak ade kelawar  tgh tido kat lubang2 kt celah dinding..time ak nak g kelaz malam lak ak tgk dye da bangun....dye merangkak turun tangga..time tu kat tingkat 3..imagine dye try nak merangkak r tingkat 3 ke tingkat 1...
nape dye xterbang?hmm...sbb salah 1 sayap dye injured..sbb tu dye,ak angkat dye bawak trun sampai kat tingkat bawah n letak dye kt rumput so that tade org nampak dye....
spnjg ak angkat dye,dye asek2 try nak gigit aku je...=.=" bengang slmt lah ak xkene gigit..dye juz nak protect dri dye je..its okay...
cam bodo kan citer ni?mmg pon...muahahaha

Muhammad Nazier Bin Ahmad Nazari/ Dude_Rex/ Kuroyuki Ichirou

-To Be Continue- 

Monday, 12 December 2011

semester 2

so far, okay i life is fucking better when hang out with not following the same routine such as go to class,eat,back to room n sleep,go to class again,then back to room n sleep over n over again...last semester sure are far,i think this semester kinda awesome...i will be training newcomers in capoeira martial art club....sure fun..hmm..this semester i join another martial art club....:) secret..hahaha....thats all..

Muhammad Nazier Bin Ahmad Nazari/ Dude_Rex/ Kuroyuki Ichirou

-To Be Continued-

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

you never think positive about me

i least im not a hypocrite....i told everyone the truth...i learned guitar because of her...but i bleed my finger because of never realised that...u just face the pain of 4 month being in love...i have face 7 years   being in love...n i think im a super idiot because of that..

Muhammad Nazier Ahmad Nazari/ Dude_Rex/ Kuroyuki Ichirou/ Cloudy Guy

-To Be Continued-

Sunday, 30 October 2011


i wanna share with you why i play guitar....all right...during i was in form 4,there was an economy club that limit the parcipitation of the group member...only 35 people will be chosen through an interview held by them..
i passed it with my best friends and the other member we dont get to know very well...
all right i shorten the story..there was a girl in that organization....who used to be my enemy...she didnt know that i made her my enemies....

different view from me,she adore me the way i look,the way i walk,the way i my face react during i was  thinking...she love to stare at me from distance..but i just hate when she stare me because i thought she wanna make fun of me...she is myy cousin's best friend...
i suddenly felt jealous when she praise my nemesis because he know how to 'sing' the guitar...
i saw that incident,anger rising within me... i decided to bought a guitar when i earned the 'salary' from the organization...

5 month after the incident,i bought my own guitar...the girl i love,know how to play piano and know a lil bit bout guitar because she attend the music class..
she is the girl who is spoiled brat that have been babied by her parents...everything she wish,she will get..

i learn guitar through youtube and i search the guitar chord throgh ultimate guitar website...
i cant afford to attend class,so i learn manually by myself..i learn guitar and play so hard because of her...
the first song that i leaned by myself was titled,fall for you, a song from secondhand serenade...

after a while,our relationship become closer and closer trough sharing of own's problem..
and at one point,she confessed her feeling toward me..u do know what is the answer...haha..
we decided not to rush...we get to know each other until the SPM examination ended,and then we decide that our relationship should be more,or stay like this..
so,we just in  love during before the SPM..about 2 month...when the exam ended,day after it i asked her should we carry on?
sadly the answer,'emm...i dont mom said that it will be nicer if we could become friend'...haha..
that time,i felt barely able to breathe..its like,you breathe underwater...

i said to her several week after that that i have forget her..haha...i just lied to her...i waited her for 6 month..and then i gave up...because...
she is i love with other guy...and she asked me should he be with that guy?
i  said,'you should be with him..he is like prince the way he looks..he know how to sound his piano..he is genius... find a person like him is like searching a pearl in the ocean..after she be with him,i tried to move on..

i began to spend my time mostly with my guitar...
i usually play secondhand serenade song because i love the lyrics...the situation of the lyric almost same like mine...
try to hear,goodbye,its not over,maybe,your call,fall for you...u will love it...
i want to learn violin,flute and piano..bit i cant afford the class and,i guess im stuck with my guitar..the thing that i hate the most.
she left me,and i dont know,i somehow managed half way to mastered this instrument...

actually i hate me,a person that play guitar is like dont have bright future and most of them are jerks...
gibson j 200...i dreamed to have this guitar on my own..unfortunately,its too
expensive...approximately 4000 usd-5000 usd...the price of this guitar can bought 
my current guitar 40 units....fuck off..sigh..only a career musician will bought this thing 
because they need to..but i doesnt need this very much as they are..but i will be grateful if i got this as a present..=D 


I think that's all

Muhammad Nazier Ahmad Nazari/Dude_Rex/Kuroyuki Ichirou


Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Dying inside

as day passed,pain grew bad at expressing my feeling...all of my sorrow will be shared in the form of music sang by kokyu(guitar)..kokyu means symbolize my spirit and face the difficulty during the journey of my life.....whether easy or challenging...kokyu be with me all the time whenever i felt alone and no one's there to hear my problem..i guess i should learn to put kokyu's place,#3 in my life....and that i will never be grasped by this foolishness and now....
yaya...u always sad whenever think of what mirul did to u...u always questioned urself,why he is si cruel?why he did those to u when u already open ur heart to him?but...have u ever tried to swap the situation?u be in mirul situation and i'll be yours..then u will understood...that a person will not be grateful when one's has achieved their goal or already get something tht they desire.....and naturally...
.we being hurt by one's that doesnt need us,we ignore the one who adore us,hurt the one that keep loving us...
u will realize all this thing...and when u wake from ur nightmare,u reach the phone and search my name and call,u will hear,please leave a voice mailbox after the what i usually hear.....

because im stupid-kim hyun joong
goodbye-secondhand serenade

-to be continued-

Thursday, 22 September 2011

a lil piece from my heart

a moment ago..i think i just decided to dissapear from my love's life...i dont know.....i just felt that i cant be perfect to her...she always adore someone else...i know why..because im not perfect...that is the fact that i must know....i think....i will be stronger when i am suck when handling my own emotion....i will be easily grasped into darkness...this two weeks i didnt brought my guitar along with me...i left it at guitar is the source of my granted me confident in doing anything i desire...and whenever i feel sorrow,i will let the melody of her to calm me down...i have other alternative too... my love's sure taught me to become staying by her side,i feel stronger and my guitar does not needed...thats y i left it at home..but i guess i will be back home and fetch my 'baby'...i just want to sing my guitar the way she love it..but i guess im not able to do that right now...girl..i do not wish u to see my lack of my skill in it...i just want u to hear perfect melody..that can run down your im gone...i wish u find someone who can replaced me..someone who is prince charming to u...this is the third time u crushed my not that perfect compared to ur now..i shall be gone...
baby...u never understood what i tried to said in song of you can-david archuleta...u didnt get it did u?=) its okay...bye

Dude_Rex/Kuroyuki Ichirou/Cloudy Guy

-to be continued-

Sunday, 4 September 2011

2011 eid

ak nak ckp dalam bi..sbb bi ak da kalau terabur,perbetulkan and fuck off!
okay...i went back home during 24 august,way too early than other student..jyeah~
during the bus trip,it was fucking boring!i didnt brought my headphone cuz it was accidentally left when i was at home last time...i tried to sleep..but i i call my pokpok(chicken)..she didnt answer the phone...i know she was in class..but,=.= hanta la 1 2 text!then after i arrived at the terminal,i call my dad to pick me up...after i wait 4 one hour,he call me and asked,ko da sampai ke?i fake my voice to make it looked not dissapointed...after half an hour he arrived and im faking my smile during the journey...when we arrived home,i take my bag and take a tired that evening...after i woke up(its already nightfall),i went to selayang mall to buy some guitar stuff...i bought guitar strap...
so after this i can play my guitar while running

this year eid seems not okay..there is lack of eid spirit within us..dunno if it is only me who felt this way..
my parents went to our village on the 3rd brother and i decided not to follow cuz it is already late..if i follow them,i will be bz on packing my things later on..
my eid is way too boring...i visited only few houses of my friends'..thats what i think of this eid

-to be continued-

Friday, 26 August 2011

tggu ayam

smlm 26 hb ogos 2011,ak online dr kul 3 ptg smpi 7 pg(sbb ak bgun kul 3 ptg)...ak tggu ayam ak online..yg sdehnye,ak dapat dye punye update status,same je...she have no idea how long ive been waiting 4 her either call or text me in fb and phone...guess i shouldnt waited  like that again...made me do love u...but...i hate u...cuz...u never think positive of me..and u never put a trust in we were destined to break up,i juz want u to know that,i will be there 4 u..whenever u had problem..whenever u need a shoulder to lean ur head n cry..i will be a wind..that embrace u eternally...

9 1215225 251521 19211891

-to be continued-

Friday, 12 August 2011

presentation day fundamental managament course

 Hello blogger!!This was the day of my fundamental management course's,presentation...I decided to take a pic on that moment since it was so stressful.. okay here you go..

how is it?
-to be continued-

Sunday, 7 August 2011


hello...hmm..tomorrow..i will be going back to my access internet,sucha boring roommate,boring classmate...nothin ever interest me there except the scenery..i love stayin there because its quite peaceful there...yesterday,when we was breaking fast,my dad made me carrot milk juice drink..=D i love it very much..and for sahur nanti,they ,made me rendang...haha..thanks mom and dad...and to person i love,i juz wanna say,blaja leklok awk..out!

-to be continued-

Saturday, 6 August 2011

studio a312

this  video was recorded  2 days ago..we just record this video for fun n to release stress..
actually,we was doing our rivision but its quite we recorded this to get  rid of the stress..enjoy this funny video

-to be continued-

Friday, 5 August 2011

#3 winner

dear bloggah..last week,my faculty which is business management faculty organized juniors night event...every class need to sent their representative for the juniors night was a free-theme..u can sing,dance,perform ur martial art,act and many more...unfortunately,there was no one in my class who was interested  to would be a shame if my class had no representative.i was eager to join it in order to defend my class pride(even though i hate my class)
 faces of excitement

hahaha...then...i try to find a partner in order to form a band to perform for that night..
i ask akram to join me..he agree..but he seems awkward and nervous...during the rehearsal...we decided to join 2 classes to perform..we decide on acting..its pretty easy...the title was,'my first day during tutorial classes'.
my character? would'nt wanna know...hahaha...this pic i share with 3 winner for that night..hahaha

-to be continued-

Sunday, 31 July 2011

a day before fasting month

hello...i wanna share u bout my yesterday activities..okay...during noon,me n all of my part 1(pukimak part 1) roommate went to j town to have our lunch...we wanna have our last lunch before's some photos of our memories..

this pic was taken while we waited the van to arrive

this 2nd pic was taken when we arrived at j town

 same as the 2nd pic

hahaa..after we finished our lunch..(dammit fuck!!)

during our lunch

that is our noon activities...
now i gonna share you our evening activities..
firstly,we play handball..okay,i didnt have a pic on that activity
after we tired playin handball,we decided to snap a few pic..jyeah! in capoeira stance


=-=" this one looks silly

this pic was the best!!muay thai stance!

jyeah!!yesterday sure was fun..hope the next day will be more exciting compare to yesterday..
okay thats all..out!

-to be continued-

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Fall For You-Secondhand Serenade

this is the first song i learned by myself...there are many version of tis song that i created..but tis video,i stick to the original version...enjoyed =)

-to be continued-

Thursday, 21 July 2011

My Heart will Go On

new guitar..decided to record my 2nd is called my heart will go on..enjoyed! =)
-to be continued-

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


dear blogger..smlm ak grak ts dgn adam n husai..adus!!xleh nk share gamba...ak xtangkap gaamba..emm..smlm kitorg tgk citer hairy potter kat wayang..jyeah!!then jalan2 g cr kedai gitar...oh~sungguh mengecewakan..kedai yg ak search kt internet 2,jual kapok lopek 18 fret je..sial tol.....then jalan2 lg..jmpe kedai gitar acoustic yg ak nak...harga je yg ak xnk..sume above 2000..=_= lawak2...then ktorg jalan2 lg n tjmpe tmpt karaoke...bapak murah la sial...6 lagu 5 hengget...haha..ak amek lagu bad day-daniel powter dgn bayangan gurauan-mega...pergh!1st time karok..bez la sial!hahaha...balek ktorg sesat la pulak..tatw mane nak tggu bas...slmt adam call member dye n tanye mane tmpt ktorg patot tggu..time dalam bas xbyk ckp sgt la ktorg...masing2 da ak frust lg sbb gitar yg ak nak xde...then ak decided malam 2 ak nak g selayang mall nak tgk gitar kt sane.....ak grak malam 2 nek moto....smgt2!!!cahahha...ak usya ah gitar kat sane...then,ak tnmpk 1 gitar yg menarik hati ak utk membelinya..amek ko!!

hahahah...300 bai....ak mnx less n ak dapat dwet lebeh ak beli tuner..da jenuh nak tune ikot bunyi sniri..hahaha..malam ni ak smpt record 1 lagu...melodies of life,..enjoy! =)

Monday, 18 July 2011

my life in khazanah alam campus the first 2 month

hello blogger....i dunno y i suddenly wanna update this home actually..internet super fast..that's y i wanna update this thing...okay...the first week in uitm jengka pahang...the first week is the orientation week which is called Minggu Destini Siswa(MDS) was also knowned as minggu dera siswa...our activities starts on 4am n end up on 12am everyday...if we woke up late,we will be grounded...we will be tortured until so tiring..fuck OC!!(orientation commitee)...during mds,we sleep all the time..during is the best thing we ever had..sleep3...hehehe...usually i sleep bout 1 hours before i awake..i awake usually because of clapped and we need to stand up and sure  boring...fucking boring..emm...mds sure is boring to is full of hatred and vengeance...okay...2nd week...the week we start to my class,everyone seems boring to me... hate my class...i stick with the three guys which i call them 'the three cabalerros'.they are not matured n childish..they are the freak who want to tackle a girl with a weird ways like in the movies that u can read what they gonna do...they want to be cool...but in a shit way..they are,faidzull fahmi,muhaimin,hasrul...they are weird...i do not hang out with them..only in the class...because they like to stick together no matter where they sure are suffocating classmate think i am their best friend..but im not...emm...the naughy students,macha and faiz,isolated us...because they think we are freak..=_= haih ak pon kene gak? the class,those three cabalerros ignore me...even though i sit beside them..sometimes,if i sat on the middle,they ask me to sit at the end beside sure makes me sad...after that i think of sitting other places cuz i cant stand the way they are...then i sit with ustaz...he is such an intelligent boy...he teach me a lot in math...i feel more comfortable with him..then i changed my seat place again on different subject...on account class,i sat beside the account class,i understood nothing...=_=  then i ask joe because i heard he is a genius..then he teached me about accounting..pretty easy actually...after a while..i at on my room and think over and over decision is wrong to labelled those boys as the morons...they sure are cleaver..but they keep it and do not want to be a show-off person..those three caballeros help me nothing on my study...they just ruining my time...

this is some pic that i've took during class
the sleep one is the ustaz
the guys in the red stripes shirt is the faizul fahmi
-to be continued-

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

hello blog!!lame xupdate!!hahaha..sorry...kali ni ak update byk sket..
okay!!20th april till 1st may,ak keje kat bookfair pwtc...same tempat keje nan saufi..yg booth ak jaga 2,bahagian buku2 agama...==
ak ckp dgn nawi time ktorg interview dulu,ini lah masenye utk kte brubah.. XD xleh blah...but ble da keje situ,mmg ak da ade kesedaran tntg kesalahan2 ak yg ak xamek port slame ni...keje situ mmg banyak bg pengajaran kat dri ak..bahawa ilmu 2 sgt penting..ak da tgk mcm mane org xskola punye keje...hmm..yg beznya kat sane byk gler awek2...hahaha..ade awek purdah banyak gler...ak tgk member2 ak sume da tgoda..== ape la
ak cool je...haha..sbb ak da ade org yg ak ske...=D
okay..time 1 may 2..pas abez je fair,ktorg truz kmas fair..abez kul 2 pg..badan ak luke2...pinggang saket..mane taknye,kotak buku bkn men berat lg..ahhaa..esoknye,ak truz keje parkson..mmg sumpa leteh ah...penig pale..mak ak suh off..but ak xnk...ble balek je parkson,ak tgk kaunter sepah gler...then promoter ak off...ak tkejot ah,,kaunter 2 slerak mcm xpnh kemas lgsug...then esoknye pulak promoter ak off lg...ak da bbulu ak call supervisor truz...then dye kene mara n dye truz benti...sbb ak dgr citer dye short brg...takot gaji kene tolak sbb 2 benti kot...skunk ak kre permanent ah...hahahaha...skunk ni ak xminat nak bekerja lak..sbb ak da dapat twaran blaja...jd ak nak setel mende 2 dulu...ak dapat mane?hahaha..uitm jengka,pahang(ceruk2 hutan) n course bank management..harap2 ak leh bwk course 2..hehehe...
hmm...ak rase kan...hidayah da xminat ak da kot...maybe ak bkn taste dye..or maybe sbb bf dye da start thege2 kt dye lek...dye nak bg pluang kot..:) ak harap dorg okay smula n laki 2 appreciate hidayah...ak akn tggu hidayah...rasenye utk 2 taun kot ak tggu...then baru ak bkk hati ak utk org len..okay..2 je...

-muhammad nazier bin ahmad nazari-
-kuroyuki ichirou-
-cloud rexus-

Thursday, 24 March 2011


selepas 3 bulan penantian(harap 6 bulan menanti actually),result spm kua...ak tdo kul 3.30 time 2..xleh tdo bai!!esoknye ak tgh syok2 tdo,ak dgr ayah bebel sal spm...=_= shit..wat ak tjage..then dye ckp,result spm kua kul 9 n da leh amek...adoi..mengalahkan cikgu la ayah ni...ak tpkse r bgun..kul 8.40 time 2..damn dizzy!then ak truz grab lappytop...tgk2 acap on9..ak tgk sume post cani,gud luck 4 2moro,smoge dapat byk A,less than 7 hour and etc...wadepak!=_= wat ak nerves...then pas ak mandi...ak tanye ibu.."ibu,jujur ah,ibu rase RJ dapat bape?" "ibu rase ko antara 3A ataw xde A...=_= aiya...then ak g skola..nek dgn acap...smpi skola jmpe kwn2..n nmpk a few cikgu klz ak...emm...cikgu hadi menyinga usya ak...rambut ak pendek...dressing okay...maybe dye bengang sbb da xde kuase nk tgkp ak slalu dtg lambat ke skola...XD
ak gelak2 wat lawak dgn nawi,saufi,haekal cm xnerves lgsug je sal spm..(shitto)..then cikgu panggil g ke lokasi2 pengambilan slip pekse..dup dap!dup dap!mcm drum black metal la jantung ak berdegup..pergh...i keep least 5A..memule dgr,aezzaddin emir arif,3a...pergh...power gak..then,ahmad haekal,ahmad nawi,amirudin saufi,blah3..n next,muhammad nazier...dup dap!dup dap!dup dap!dlm ati(plss!!5A!!plss!!!)then im a lil bit dissapointed
1A+  science(yeah!!!2 taun wat latihan xhenti2)
2A-   sejarah/additional science..(wadepak!add sci ak target fail kot)
        (sejarah ak hentam sepanjang paper,xlogik gler leh A-)
1A  agama(xsgke leh A..ak de masalah malam sblm paper 2..ak xleh    tdo)
3B+ math/bm/bi (super dissapointed 4 maths...ak staun ak wat latihan tanpa henti..trial dapat A...spm cm sakai..frust..
1C sains sukan(no komen)
1D ekonomi asas(no komen)
1E additional mathematics(ini xsgke..lulus gak!!smggu blaja!!)

ini la result ak..warna warni...time  amek 2..ak truz frust...ak salam sume org...then ak blah...anis cr ak time 2..n dye nampak ak...but ak blah...tgk dye pon tgh sdeh n ak pon tgh sdeh...time ak blah 2,ak xpndg blakang lgsug spnjg ak balek..yela,netaw igt anis dtg keja ak ke...but that time,ak taw dye xkn keja ak...dulu mmg ak slalu pandang blakang n harap dye keja n stop ak..but ak da xnk mengharap da...emm..ble sampai umah..ak frust..ak bg ibu tgk je kertas ak...ak igt dye mara,,,but dye terharu n nanges...sbb ak still dapat 4A walaupon hidup dalam serba kekurangan...xdpt g 2syen...n 1 lg,ak xpnh blaja kt umah...jd dye cm xcaye...hahaha...lawak lerr..but ak frust ah..dye tenangkan ak..ckp ni okay..then cal2 sume org,sume org result pon okay...ble g keje...sume tanye dapat bape...kak sha da janji nan ak nk lanje kfc kalau ak dapat 5...ak suh dye lanje mamak sbb ak dapat 4...hahaha...papehal..sume org menyerlah spm 2010...ak pon xsgke ak dapat 4...ak pandai target xpandai usaha..okay guys..i know xde sape bace blog ni...but kalau blog ni leaked,ak juz harap kepada sape yg lom amek spm,sedar la dri...blaja la leklok...saket2 dulu,snang2 yg duduk blakang lori alam flora 2,dorg bersenang2 dulu,but dorg saket sgt lame kemudiannye...make ur choice(ayat dalam filem saw)haha..thats all

Thursday, 17 March 2011


xleh blah...msok kul 6...but somehow,ak ngntok gler2..mcm kne pukau...ak dok blakang cr port clear,ak pluk lutut n tdo....lena doh!rasenye dlm 15 mnt ak trlena...then ak tetibe terjaga....bukak je mata,tgk de budak pendek pomwn berdiri dpn ak...=_= upenye permanent promoter mirul roshidi...abez ak kene bahan nan dye..cis!then dye suh ak g soltmaghrib..time brtur tggu turn solat,ak still nk da trtdo...akhirnya pas amek wuduk,ak kembali segar...=_= lawak lak..pas balek kaunter,ak jd hyperactive cm biase..huahauhaua...lawak gler ble pk lek...da la on the way g keje time nek bas ak trtdo gak....hahaa..ble keje start keje chicken rice shop,ak blaja utk tdo dlm pape keadaan yg sblm ni ak xbiase n xboleh..skunk ak da boleh tdo dlm pape keadaan kot...asalkan cahaya xkne mata ak..hahaa...
emm...buletin utama xkua lg tarikh amek rasenye 23 hb..shit...countin the days...super least 5a la...harap2 gler2!!!ak nervous gler...bek tdo..

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

DITERJAH wartawan ex melodi

nas ahmad datang melawat ak kat parkson...mungkin dunia baru 
dgr gosip ak keje parkson..jd dye dtg bertanyekan beberapa soklan baru permulaan..rasenye pasni mawi,anuar zain dtg mlwt ak..ak rsau datuk k gado dgn siti nanti,,sbb siti dtg mlwat ak slalu..wahahahaha..kddin...papepon,agak klaka gak r parkson smlm..n smlm ak nek bas n smpi umah 12.30..pergh!cibai penat!da la earfon xde..dok melanguk 1jam kat bus stop...lteh~thats all