Sunday, 31 July 2011

a day before fasting month

hello...i wanna share u bout my yesterday activities..okay...during noon,me n all of my part 1(pukimak part 1) roommate went to j town to have our lunch...we wanna have our last lunch before's some photos of our memories..

this pic was taken while we waited the van to arrive

this 2nd pic was taken when we arrived at j town

 same as the 2nd pic

hahaa..after we finished our lunch..(dammit fuck!!)

during our lunch

that is our noon activities...
now i gonna share you our evening activities..
firstly,we play handball..okay,i didnt have a pic on that activity
after we tired playin handball,we decided to snap a few pic..jyeah! in capoeira stance


=-=" this one looks silly

this pic was the best!!muay thai stance!

jyeah!!yesterday sure was fun..hope the next day will be more exciting compare to yesterday..
okay thats all..out!

-to be continued-

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Fall For You-Secondhand Serenade

this is the first song i learned by myself...there are many version of tis song that i created..but tis video,i stick to the original version...enjoyed =)

-to be continued-

Thursday, 21 July 2011

My Heart will Go On

new guitar..decided to record my 2nd is called my heart will go on..enjoyed! =)
-to be continued-

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


dear blogger..smlm ak grak ts dgn adam n husai..adus!!xleh nk share gamba...ak xtangkap gaamba..emm..smlm kitorg tgk citer hairy potter kat wayang..jyeah!!then jalan2 g cr kedai gitar...oh~sungguh mengecewakan..kedai yg ak search kt internet 2,jual kapok lopek 18 fret je..sial tol.....then jalan2 lg..jmpe kedai gitar acoustic yg ak nak...harga je yg ak xnk..sume above 2000..=_= lawak2...then ktorg jalan2 lg n tjmpe tmpt karaoke...bapak murah la sial...6 lagu 5 hengget...haha..ak amek lagu bad day-daniel powter dgn bayangan gurauan-mega...pergh!1st time karok..bez la sial!hahaha...balek ktorg sesat la pulak..tatw mane nak tggu bas...slmt adam call member dye n tanye mane tmpt ktorg patot tggu..time dalam bas xbyk ckp sgt la ktorg...masing2 da ak frust lg sbb gitar yg ak nak xde...then ak decided malam 2 ak nak g selayang mall nak tgk gitar kt sane.....ak grak malam 2 nek moto....smgt2!!!cahahha...ak usya ah gitar kat sane...then,ak tnmpk 1 gitar yg menarik hati ak utk membelinya..amek ko!!

hahahah...300 bai....ak mnx less n ak dapat dwet lebeh ak beli tuner..da jenuh nak tune ikot bunyi sniri..hahaha..malam ni ak smpt record 1 lagu...melodies of life,..enjoy! =)

Monday, 18 July 2011

my life in khazanah alam campus the first 2 month

hello blogger....i dunno y i suddenly wanna update this home actually..internet super fast..that's y i wanna update this thing...okay...the first week in uitm jengka pahang...the first week is the orientation week which is called Minggu Destini Siswa(MDS) was also knowned as minggu dera siswa...our activities starts on 4am n end up on 12am everyday...if we woke up late,we will be grounded...we will be tortured until so tiring..fuck OC!!(orientation commitee)...during mds,we sleep all the time..during is the best thing we ever had..sleep3...hehehe...usually i sleep bout 1 hours before i awake..i awake usually because of clapped and we need to stand up and sure  boring...fucking boring..emm...mds sure is boring to is full of hatred and vengeance...okay...2nd week...the week we start to my class,everyone seems boring to me... hate my class...i stick with the three guys which i call them 'the three cabalerros'.they are not matured n childish..they are the freak who want to tackle a girl with a weird ways like in the movies that u can read what they gonna do...they want to be cool...but in a shit way..they are,faidzull fahmi,muhaimin,hasrul...they are weird...i do not hang out with them..only in the class...because they like to stick together no matter where they sure are suffocating classmate think i am their best friend..but im not...emm...the naughy students,macha and faiz,isolated us...because they think we are freak..=_= haih ak pon kene gak? the class,those three cabalerros ignore me...even though i sit beside them..sometimes,if i sat on the middle,they ask me to sit at the end beside sure makes me sad...after that i think of sitting other places cuz i cant stand the way they are...then i sit with ustaz...he is such an intelligent boy...he teach me a lot in math...i feel more comfortable with him..then i changed my seat place again on different subject...on account class,i sat beside the account class,i understood nothing...=_=  then i ask joe because i heard he is a genius..then he teached me about accounting..pretty easy actually...after a while..i at on my room and think over and over decision is wrong to labelled those boys as the morons...they sure are cleaver..but they keep it and do not want to be a show-off person..those three caballeros help me nothing on my study...they just ruining my time...

this is some pic that i've took during class
the sleep one is the ustaz
the guys in the red stripes shirt is the faizul fahmi
-to be continued-