Friday, 26 August 2011

tggu ayam

smlm 26 hb ogos 2011,ak online dr kul 3 ptg smpi 7 pg(sbb ak bgun kul 3 ptg)...ak tggu ayam ak online..yg sdehnye,ak dapat dye punye update status,same je...she have no idea how long ive been waiting 4 her either call or text me in fb and phone...guess i shouldnt waited  like that again...made me do love u...but...i hate u...cuz...u never think positive of me..and u never put a trust in we were destined to break up,i juz want u to know that,i will be there 4 u..whenever u had problem..whenever u need a shoulder to lean ur head n cry..i will be a wind..that embrace u eternally...

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-to be continued-

Friday, 12 August 2011

presentation day fundamental managament course

 Hello blogger!!This was the day of my fundamental management course's,presentation...I decided to take a pic on that moment since it was so stressful.. okay here you go..

how is it?
-to be continued-

Sunday, 7 August 2011


hello...hmm..tomorrow..i will be going back to my access internet,sucha boring roommate,boring classmate...nothin ever interest me there except the scenery..i love stayin there because its quite peaceful there...yesterday,when we was breaking fast,my dad made me carrot milk juice drink..=D i love it very much..and for sahur nanti,they ,made me rendang...haha..thanks mom and dad...and to person i love,i juz wanna say,blaja leklok awk..out!

-to be continued-

Saturday, 6 August 2011

studio a312

this  video was recorded  2 days ago..we just record this video for fun n to release stress..
actually,we was doing our rivision but its quite we recorded this to get  rid of the stress..enjoy this funny video

-to be continued-

Friday, 5 August 2011

#3 winner

dear bloggah..last week,my faculty which is business management faculty organized juniors night event...every class need to sent their representative for the juniors night was a free-theme..u can sing,dance,perform ur martial art,act and many more...unfortunately,there was no one in my class who was interested  to would be a shame if my class had no representative.i was eager to join it in order to defend my class pride(even though i hate my class)
 faces of excitement

hahaha...then...i try to find a partner in order to form a band to perform for that night..
i ask akram to join me..he agree..but he seems awkward and nervous...during the rehearsal...we decided to join 2 classes to perform..we decide on acting..its pretty easy...the title was,'my first day during tutorial classes'.
my character? would'nt wanna know...hahaha...this pic i share with 3 winner for that night..hahaha

-to be continued-