Monday, 3 March 2014


Today is her second day in her degree life which in uitm puncak alam...too far away from me...i dont even tet her before she leave me..i dont even see her or ask her to meet before she leave..even if she ask to meet me before depart,i wont see her...she didnt know i had a motorcycle condition is not too worst..only some wound at my waste,elbow and palm cause i fell only from motorcycle that was caused by skidding...i dont want her to meet me n see my wound because im afraid she might feel uncomfortable with my current condition....i really hope we separate without she even have to care bout my okay with tht :)..its better to let her see me as a useless boy and immediately find a strong :)

Dude_Rex/Kuroyuki Ichirou/Nazier Nazari

-To Be Continued-