All bout me

Name:Muhammad Nazier Bin Ahmad Nazari(RJ)/Kuroyuki Ichirou(Koyuki)/Maxim Cloud Rexus(Rex)

P.O.b:Hospital Daerah Lumut,Manjung,Perak


Fav food:fried rice,caramel pudding(make my heart melt)

Fav drink:apple juice,grape juice,guava drink

activities:jamming,jogging,online gamin n chattin,hang out alone in the park while listening to the music

my behaviour:when with friend,im totally craziest among all!!but when im alone,im super shy!im quite hot temper..but im not the one that release my temper to people around me...when im in angry mode,i dun speak a word...4 the entire back to normal when i have share my problem with my not good at controlling my emotions..

love?:i failed...3 times...all cuz of kinda idiot...cuz im not too good at expressing my love toward her with words...n im weak....but a girl did changed me a lot....dlu ak lemah smgt...skunk ak da x mcm dlu sgt...rase mslh n love ni,juz piece of her very much even though she dont love me...ak xnk dy taw yg ak ske dye lg..sbb dye akn rase bslh...ak pon xnk dye actually..ak juz nk jaga dye....smpi dye jmpe laki yg leh jaga dye gak n much perfect dr ak..baru la ak boleh taw yg dye happy..dye sgt penting...tataw nape...

ore no yume dakara:to make the world green again