Monday, 26 December 2011

Windy December

i love the breeze on the sunny remind me of the one i love...during our first met...she visited my house because there was a wedding on that kinda bz n there was a lot of ppl i never met,including her...they are my relatives which i havent met yet...that time,we try to get know each other since we are relative....suddenly,i realize i have a feeling toward her...=.=" then after the wedding ended,her family went home....i woke up the next day after the wedding,i felt the was like a sorrow wind that embraced me.....
ahhh....pape pon.,i love windy day~it make me calm whenever i feel depressed...
if i die,if i can choose what i want to be after i die(surely i cant choose),i wanna be i cant embraced my love so that she will feel calm and feel the presence of me..
Muhammad Nazier Bin Ahmad Nazari/ Dude_Rex/ Kuroyuki Ichirou

-To Be Continued-

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