Friday, 3 August 2012

My first post this year

haha...its been 8 month since i publish last post on my wall...imy life recently is kinda okay comparing previously....i've already fallen in love with a girl that give a care about my feelings,always be when i need her and most importantly she listen to me..=) i love her very much though its hard for me to show it since im busy with brass band and my tutorial(sorry syg)...i love her..though she was stupid cause cant decode what im trying to indicate through song that i played to her..bodo punya ayam...haha...i am happy to be with her...
currently,im learning keyboard...this is my new instrument model..hehehe....i guess thats all for now..till then..

Muhammad Nazier Bin Ahmad Nazari/ Dude_Rex/ Kuroyuki Ichirou

-To Be Continued-

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