Saturday, 22 September 2012

brass band

just finished 1 final exam course which is brass band III....i dont know why i love this band so much...when im with band mates,i will become someone else because im not used to their styles....but i love when we are unite and struggle together practicing for were the joy we had for this 3 semester....this semester i skipped brass band class for three times...before this i never skipped even once...i do not one to show high commitment because im afraid they would elect me as a commander...i started joining the band with zero knowledge about music (basicall i know how to play guitar but i do not know the theory)...i always focus when my teacher taught me..thats why i easier to learn music and play my instrument...when u have the interest,it will be easier to achieve what u want....after this there would be no there will be no brass band class for my batch.....our nostalgia shall never be faded from my memory...i will use my knowledge to help my juniors so that i can show my grateful to my teacher...thanks~

-To Be Continued-

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