Monday, 29 April 2013

Semester 4 break

finally, examination has sucha pain in my ass since i had to stay awake all night long to study since it is quieter when my housemates are sleeping..i hope i get a good result since i had put much effort into it...though some of the paper i cannot do well,i hope it might not let my pointer down...

currently, im working as a part time promoter at parkson...i dont want to waste my time cramping my butt sitting in front of the computer all day i decided to work..its not bad actually...u get paid though u goofing around with friend all day long....being at home is much fun..but the fun will last the longest of 3 days since u do not meet people...i dont know what to do this semester break....maybe, i ll help my mom move the goods and furniture to our new house...we are gonna moved to bukit beruntung..that house being bought by my parents since 2006...but we are not moving there because i have plenty of friend in selayang and it will be hard 4 me to get new friends that suit my semester,i decided to bring my keyboard to my lease house in jengka and practice...i have bought that keyboard a year ago...i just know a few song but i cant play it well since i have not practicing it frequently..

last saturday,najwa latif has performed several songs as to promote her album at selayang mall...i get a chance to see her in front of me bout metre in front of me...she is cute!!! i feel like falling in love...she's cute and quite shy..that is double her cuteness...hahaha...i dont like her at first..but when saw him in front of my eyes and when our eyes met( though she dont notice she look me) my heart melt like a chocolate..haha..damn..i hate this feeling...she is cute n talented..lucky 4 her 4 being really famous at the age of 18.. ut popularity isnt everything though everyone chase for me,famous 4 our talent is good but it might be inconvenient to the person because their privacy is reduced..i prefer a quiter life which everyone might not notice my existence...

about my romance,i reallty2 love my girlfriend..she understand me very well..though she some kind of annoying sometimes, i still love...she is hot-headed sometimes...make me easier to explode since i have really bad hot temper..but i dont want to make her cry so i try to be patient all the time when she mad...she make me a patience person..thanks to u i have reduced my hot temper prob..i love u...=)

thats all for now

Muhammad Nazier Bin Ahmad Nazari / Kuroyuki Ichirou / Dude_Rex

- To Be Continued-

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