Saturday, 18 January 2014

my fault

my relationship is kinda unstable now...its all because of me...i keep playing dota n rarely spent my time with her...maybe before when she told me she want to break up,im ok because i know she will be back to me at last..but now i know she wont be back...she left me only 2 days and im dying like crazy...before this i left her for 2 weeks without a single msg..and 1 week on mid term break..thats why she decided to leave me now...u know, u wont appreciate someone while she there for u...when she left,u will learn how much she meant to me..i guess its better if she leave n make me suffer like thiss...because she deserves not good enough to handle relationship...i really2 love her n never felt boring with her..but my time is so limited with her cause i keep playing those who have someone who appreciate u,treat him or her nice before she leave u or turned away...siti afifah farhanah,i really love u so much...thanks for everything....u give me everything n i give u really sorry..just leave me if u have found someone who can make u a better person..i keep saying this million happy for u if someone can treat u better than me..cause u deserve sorry for everything...

Dude_Rex/Kuroyuki Ichirou/Nazier Nazari

To be Continued..

suppose-secondhand serenade

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